IMVU Hack – FREE Credit For IOS & Android

Still looking for imvu Hack ? Did you prefer not to buy Credit and just get them for free ? Well , it is so easy even your dad can do it!
But there are few problems that most people encountered, outdated IMVU cheats are one of them. This new version of our IMVUHack Tool will never make you run out of Credit anymore . our developers made sure that our IMVU cheats will let you enjoy the potential of this top action game.

What is IMVU ?

imvu is a social 3D virtual network this game has developed in 2004 on california États-Unis by imvu ,
The company was founded in 2004 by Will Harvey,This game offers an immersive 3D environment where users can customize their characters and rooms , in addition to meeting and interacting with other users.

How to use IMVU hack ?

To use this hack what you to do just follow steps bellow on the instructions and enjoy !!!

1 => Enter your IMVU Username/Itunes email/Gmail email/Game center/Facebook email or any other information which is connected with this game

2 => Choose your Platform android or IOS or Pc

3 => choose the amount of Credit that you need

4=> You need to pass a quick verification against bot just we can be shoure you are a humain , This helps us regulate and prevent abuse of the hack

5=>when you complete this anti bot verification , then ressources will be generated automaticly to your account , need just to restard your game and then enjoy!!!

Video Proof About how to use Hack


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